The art program is founded on a circular, sustainable concept of “patronage”.

Our members experience an innovative concept of patronage that brings artworks by emerging artists to non-traditional exhibition spaces in the interest of promoting artists, expanding the audience of art and designing a creative environment for building’s occupants, residents and their guests.


Art is necessary and essential for human development: art connects people in a way that not many other things do, it holds significant sentimental and cultural value within communities, it stimulates creative thinking and peer conversation, it reduces inequality and protects freedom of expression. In addition, art proximity and production have proved to lower stress levels, with successful examples of its effectiveness within the educational and health system.

We believe in contemporary culture preservation: the complex eco-system of artistic production needs innovative vehicles to financially support the career of emerging artists and the possibility to reach new and broader audiences with different means.

Our counterparts, that we like to call “the new generation of patrons” have, on the other end, the continuous need to innovate and grow, the desire to engage with their team, environment and community through sustainable and meaningful experiences and the power to make a commitment that generates a positive societal impact.

We provide our members with a unique experience of being surrounded by sought after works of art and be promoters of contemporary culture. Our memberships give businesses the possibility to activate cultural progress through physical and digital art sharing that enhances employee's wellbeing and performances, reduces inequality and preserves identity.

10+ Wonderful people

A team of contemporary art market experts, composed by international Scouts and an Advisory Committee, who yearly selects a group of emerging artists whose work is cutting edge and sought after by the art market.

  • Carola Cometto

    CEO & Founder